You've Got Options When Deciding How to Give Faith.

Prayerfully seek God's counsel to determine the method that best supports your giving goals and lifestyle.



Online Giving allows us to give to the church using a secured online connection. It only takes about a minute to generate your transaction. You may choose to designate your gift to a specific purpose, or you may simply direct it to the general budget fund. You immediately have a paper record of your gift as well as an email confirmation, and it goes directly into the church's bank account. For those who might be out of town or unable to attend services, you can take care of your offering online as long as you have Internet access. It is easy, convenient, and secure!



When you join us for worship service, the blue offering envelopes provide a convenient way to give cash or submit checks. You can also drop off or mail a check to the church PO Box 1045 Goldsboro NC 27533 or have your giving automatically drafted through automated bill-pay or even direct deposit.



There is always a box near our sanctuary to collect items for those in need. Whether it's because of our ongoing commitment to Dillard Middle School or our seasonal initiatives, we pray that that box is never empty. Please search your heart (as well as your house) and bring in a gift when you can.



Have you considered what you want your church to become, beyond your own life here among us? Planned Giving costs little or nothing today, but when people like us make planned gifts to our church now, it’s as if we have added another fresh brick to the foundation we will pass on to the believers who will follow us. There are several common types of Planned Gifts including:

  • Creating a bequest under your last will and testament

  • Designating Faith Presbyterian Church as a partial or whole beneficiary of your IRA or other retirement plan

  • Designating Faith Presbyterian Church as a beneficiary under a life insurance policy

  • Future gifts of securities using a transfer on death beneficiary designation

Gifts to Faith Presbyterian Church made under your will or through a beneficiary designation generally should qualify for the federal estate tax charitable deduction.

If you are interested in any of these types of giving, please contact us.


Without question, financial discussions are the most difficult to have in the church. At Faith Presbyterian Church, we believe God's mandate that we be faithful stewards goes both ways. As your financial partner in ministry, we make the following commitment to you:

  • We will not barrage you with high-pressure fundraising appeals.

  • We will be straightforward and candid regarding financial needs. We’ll tell it like it is…no more, no less, honestly and with integrity.

  • We will not exaggerate. We won’t feed you ministry “hype.” You’ll hear about the results of your giving and the impact it is having without making it sound like more than it is.

  • We will keep necessary overhead lean and efficient. We are committed to meeting the logistical needs of our ministry in the most efficient way possible with the least amount of money.

  • We will be completely open about our finances. Our books are open and our financial records are managed under the supervision of an outside advisory team for accountability purposes. If you want any information, just ask.

  • We will conduct our administrative and financial affairs with excellence, not extravagance.